Clot dels Oms White 2023 (Organic)

Clot dels Oms White 2023 (Organic)

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Wine produced exclusively from the estate's Chardonnay grape varietie, specifically from the Chacó vineyard. 


%vol: 12.5 

Total acidity: 4.6 (g H2So4/l) 

pH: 3.2 


White wine of a light golden colour with hints of green and high density. It has a strong presence of abundant and persistent tears. Extremely powerful on the nose, evoking ripe and exotic fruits, mainly mangos. With a non-aggressive and well balanced entry, it has pleasing acidity on the palate and a hint of mango. With a lingering and persistent aftertaste. 


 An ideal accompaniment to fish, rice and seafood. 

Serve between 8ºC and 9ºC.


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